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Viewing Courses

Learn how to view and search for courses

Each Exam you create must be associated with a Course. Only Administrators or users with the appropriate permissions can add and edit Courses.


To view a list of the Courses available to you, go to the Courses item on the navigation on the left-hand side.


Courses can be filtered by Faculty, Department or by inputting text.


Each row in the Courses list shows:

  • Course name – select the Course name to view the course overview screen, add Exams, Questions, and Rubrics as well as other Users and Students to the Course
  • Code – the course code is used to identify courses and is set by your Organization
  • Department – the Department the Course is associated with
  • Faculty – the Faculty the Course is associated with
  • Status – the Course statuses are:
  • In Progress - The course is currently running
  • Inactive - The course is yet to begin or has already been completed