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The BetterExaminations Exam Creation Tool

This article will bring you through the Exam/Document Creation Tool


The tool allows the user to create the exam question by question, using the text editor tools you are used to! Once finished, the system automatically formats the version to the pre established headings, fonts and structure already decided by the college/university. 

You can add a new question using the +New Question located on the left hand column. Similarly, you can delete a question using the trash can icon on the right hand side. 

If your document required the need for pictures, tables or scientific notation, you can find the ability to add these on your toolbar. 


The Comment section allows you to easily leave comments as a lecturer, external examiner or administrator. These comments are tracked between versions so that you don't lose any important information throughout the creation process.

Within the exam manager page, the new version you created can be previewed. You can also edit the document which will then create a new version once submitted. 

Once you have completed your version, you can press the green Submit Version button and your version will be saved within the Exam Manager.

Accidentally close your browser when you are creating the exam? No problem! The system automatically saves the document as a version even if you leave the page.