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Turnitin Integration

Integrate BetterExaminations with Turnitin to generate Similarity Reports

Turnitin is a global company dedicated to ensuring the integrity of education. BetterExaminations integrates with Turnitin to give you a seamless text similarity detection experience.

When the integration is enabled, BetterExaminations sends essay responses of 20 words or more to Turnitin Similarity. Turnitin will then generate a similarity report for each answer, that shows how similar the submitted content is to other content on the internet, to other published works, and to other submissions by other students.

Configuring Turnitin Integration

  1. Create an integration key via the Turnitin Interface

  2. Visit the Settings page within BetterExaminations

  3. Scroll down to Integrations and select Turnitin and choose Configure

  4. Enter the Details and click Save

Enabling Turnitin on an Exam

When enabled, only responses to Essay questions will be sent to Turnitin. Other question types will be skipped. Users with permission to modify Exam Options will be able to enable Turnitin on exams.

  1. Go to any exam

  2. Go to the Exam options tab

  3. Enable Turnitin on the exam

Taking exams with Turnitin Enabled

When students are taking an exam with Turnitin enabled they will be informed that their submissions will be sent to Turnitin.

If your Turnitin account requires students to sign the Turnitin End User License Agreement (EULA) then students will be shown the Turnitin EULA and be asked to agree to it before they can start the exam.

If the student has previously agreed to the Turnitin EULA they will not be asked to sign it again before each exam, unless the terms of the EULA have changed.

Reviewing Turnitin Similarity Reports

When reviewing a student's submission, users with the "Review exam integrity" permission will be shown an overview of the student's similarity score as reported by Turnitin.

Users will then be able to follow a link to view the full report in Turnitin.

Turnitin similarity reports will be generated when the twice the exam length after the exam end date has been reached. This allows us to account for any late joiners and ensures that all students' submissions in the exam can be compared against all other students' submissions. If we're still waiting for Turnitin to create the similarity reports BetterExaminations will display that clearly next to the marker view.

Within the marking view we'll show you the student's overall similarity score as determined by Turnitin. We'll also show you what percentage of the submitted data matches content in the following 3 categories:

  • Internet match - content on the public web

  • Publication match - content in published works

  • Submitted works match - content in other submissions from other students in your organisation


Q1. What question types are supported with the Turnitin Integration
A1. "Essay with Plain text", "Essay with Rich text", "Math essay with rich text", and "Chemistry essay with rich text". All other question types will *not* be sent to Turnitin for similarity report generation.

Q2. How long does it take for a report to be generated
A2. Once we ask Turnitin to generate reports, it can take between 5 minutes and a few hours for the full process to be completed. Turnitin may take longer at busier times. BetterExaminations will automatically check for reports so if they're not ready yet, you can check back later.

Q3. Can I trigger similarity reports to be regenerated?
A3. We'll ensure that similarity reports get generated automatically but if for any reason you'd like to trigger a report to be regenerated (a student submitted late for example) you can do so any time via the actions menu on the Exam Sitting or the Exam sittings listing tab.

Q4. Can I see what End User License Agreement(EULA) a student agreed to and when?
A4. This data is captured and for now you can retrieve this data via the BetterExaminations API only.

Q5. Are there any license implications for using Turnitin Integration with BetterExaminations?
A5. Your BetterExaminations license will not be affected by your use of the Turnitin integration. There should not be any license implications with Turnitin either, assuming your Turnitin license covers your students that have access to BetterExaminations. To best understand if there may be any license implications with Turnitin we recommend you get in touch with your Turnitin account contact.

Q6. How does Turnitin work with Blind Marking?
A6. Only users with the "Review Exam Integrity" permission can review Turnitin similarity reports. Similarity reports do contain student's names so be sure that only the appropriate members of your team have the Review Exam Integrity permission.

Q7. Do answers to pre-exam questions get sent to Turnitin for review?
A7. No, responses to pre-exam questions are not sent to Turnitin.

Q8. What happens to abandoned submissions?
A8. A submission is considered abandoned if a student started the exam but then left the exam without formally submitting. In this case, whatever the student had entered before they left the exam will be sent to Turnitin when the exam end time has been reached.