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Choice Matrix

The Choice Matrix requires students to evaluate one or more row items using a set of column options.


The Choice Matrix requires students to evaluate one or more row items using a set of column options.


Choice matrix question example.

Create a question

Enter a question in the Compose Question area. List the Choice Matrix stems and click on +Add for each new stem. Click on the trash can icon beside a stem to remove it.


Under the Options heading, enter choice matrix response options, e.g. True/False, Yes/No etc. Click on +Add once for each new option.


The button to the left of each field allows you to re-order how the Stems appear to the student, through simple drag and drop.


Choice matrix basic parameters.

In order to configure a valid response to the question, follow these steps:

  • In the Set correct answer(s), enter a value in the Point(s) box to initialize a mark for the question. The default is set to 1.
  • Underneath, you will see the choice matrix you just created. To indicate correct responses simply click on the correct response option for each stem as shown in Figure 3.
  • If the question has more than one correct response option per stem enable Multiple Responses. This option can be found above the More options button.
Choice matrix question validation.

More options


Learn more on the scoring overview page.


The following scoring types are available in Choice Matrix questions:

  • Exact Match - Students must answer all parts of the question correctly to receive a mark.
  • Partial Match Per Response - Each correct response element will be awarded an individual score.
  • Partial Match - Each correct response element will be scored individually and the overall question score will be divided between responses.
Choice matrix scoring types

In the Layout section you can configure question style options:

Layout - Table

Layout - Inline

Stem Numeration: available for Block layout. Options include Number, Uppercase Alpha and Lowercase Alpha as shown below.

Stem Numeration - Number

Stem Numeration - Upper

Stem Numeration - Lower

In order to add a title to a stem column, insert it in the Stem Column Title. The title will appear above the stems row. To add a title to the response options column add it in the Option Row Title.

  • Stem Width defines the width of the stem column and Options Width sets the width of each option column. Both values should be inserted in pixels.
  • Show horizontal lines under stems that enable horizontal lines underneath each stem in the choice matrix.