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The drawing question allows the student to answer a question using drawing tools and text annotations on a provided image.


The drawing question allows the student to answer a question using drawing tools like a compass, straightedge (ruler) and text annotations on a provided image.


Creating a question

Enter the question stem into the Compose question area. Then upload a picture you want to use for your question in the Image Source field.



Note: Images should be no more than 700 pixels wide and less than 500kb in size.


To add an image select the +Add button in the Image preview box:


Drag an image into the well or select the well to add an locate the image on your machine.


Alternatively, you can add a URL for a remotely hosted image by expanding the "More options" box.


Configuring the toolbar

You can control the tools a student will access in their toolbar with the "Toggle toolbar options".

The icons highlighted in grey have been enabled, the white icons are disabled. Click on a white icon to enable it, and click on a grey icon to disable it. Use the DIV icons to place dividing lines between icons. These tool options are draggable, you can drag and drop the tools into a different order, and the new order will be displayed on the toolbar.

Note: the Compass tool has a minimum radius of 160px.


When the "Text" button is enabled the "Text formatting options" will become available :

  • Special Characters
  • Math Character

Configuring line color options for the drawing tool

Here you can select the stroke colors and opacity using the color picker tool. You can add up to six colors to your color palette using the +ADD button.


More options



Learn more on the scoring overview page.


You can specify the Maximum and Minimum Score as well as add a rubric.



  • Line width – specify the width of the drawing line in pixels
  • Font size – adjust the size of text elements (if they are enabled) as well as the toolbar icons
  • Special characters – specify the special characters that can be used (only active when the "Special characters" text formatting button has been enabled)