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Video Recorder

With the Video Recorder Question, students can record a video response to a question.


With the Video Recorder Question, students can record a video response to a question.

an example of the Video Recorder Question

Create a Question

Compose the question and add the scoring maximum and minimum. You can also add a rubric to the question.

  • Maximum length (seconds): refers to the maximum length the video can be - when the student reaches this limit, the video will stop recording automatically. This value is set to 600 seconds by default
  • Overwrite warning: enabled by default, this will warn the student when they are about to overwrite their previous video recording with a new one.

How is video data stored and processed?

Video storage

The video data is stored and served via BetterExaminations as follows:

  1. Student records a video in the browser, using the video recorder Question type.
  2. The video is uploaded to the processing servers and is queued for processing.
  3. The video is then compressed and re-encoded into an mp4 format.
  4. The original video is deleted from the processing servers.

Timeline of video processing

When a student records a video in the browser, it will begin uploading when the student stops recording.


The time it takes to upload the video file depends on the local network connection. A 10 minute video recorded with the video recorder Question type would roughly total 70MB. With a 500kbps upload speed, this can take 2-3 minutes to complete.


Once the file has been uploaded, it will enter a queue to be processed. With the example above, the processing time to re-encode the video into an MP4 format can take up to 5 minutes.


After the file has been processed, it can be immediately viewed.


Server-Side Processing and Compression

Recorded videos are always resized to 480p (480 vertical pixels) and will respect the original recording's aspect ratio. For example, if a user records a video with a 4:3 aspect ratio, it would be converted to 640x480 pixel resolution. If they record a video at a 16:9 aspect ratio, it would be converted to 854x480 pixel resolution.


The original video recording will be stored until it has been processed, at which point it will then be deleted. If a user tries to view the video before it has been processed, the original file will be served instead. If the browser does not support the playback for the original video format, a download link will be provided.


More Options


Learn more on the scoring overview page.

  • Max score: the maximum score that can be awarded for the Question, as this Question is not auto-graded.
  • Minimum score if attempted: attempt marks awarded to the student, regardless of a correct/incorrect response.
  • Manage Rubrics - learn more about rubrics here


  • Font size: change the font size - this applies to both the stimulus, but also the text on the video recorder


You can add metadata here.