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Deleting a file

BetterExaminations Workflow tracks a document's versions but if you need to delete a document you can.

BetterExaminations Workflow lets you manage multiple versions of uploaded documents so when you change a document a new version is created. This way you can keep a track of the file history.

If you still need to delete a document you can follow the steps below.

Note: Only Admin users are authorised to delete a document.

Delete a file

  1. Log in and navigate to the browse exam screen

  2. Select the exam from the grid and you will be redirected to Exam detail page:

  3. Find the Document type and paper version that you wish to remove.

  4. Click Options to expand the dropdown menu. Select Delete.

  5. A confirmation alert will appear:

  6. Click the Delete button to verify that you wish to delete the document. The document will be permanently deleted.