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How do I contact other users?

This article will describe how you can chat/collaborate with the other users associated with a module.

The BetterExaminations Exam Management System enables you to discuss exams and chat with other users associated with the same module. This can be achieved by using the chat feature. 

To access the chat feature, choose the module that you want to access. On the left-hand column you will see a chat symbol, click this symbol and now you have entered the chat feature.

Creating a conversation

In order to chat to somebody or a group of people you need to create a conversation, to do so click the green "New Conversation" button near the top left hand side of the screen.

Once you do so you will be presented with a modal window like so:

In the drop down select the people you wish to be in this conversation, everybody you add will receive messages you send by email and via the app itself. Emails will contain the content of your message and recipients can reply to the email and you will receive their reply by email and in the app too.

Once you have selected your participants click save and the conversation will appear in the left hand column, you can then click the conversation and send a message.

Leaving a conversation

If you no longer wish to be involved in a conversation, click the "Leave Conversation" button in the centre bottom of the screen. You will not be able to re-join this conversation unless you are an administrator user.

Administrator Access

It is important to note that administrator users can read all conversations, even if they were not initially invited to the conversation. If you are an administrator you can click the dropdown menu in the top right which says "My Conversations", you can select "Other Conversations" to see conversations which you are not a part of, when you try to join one you will be prompted to do so:

Once joined, a message will be sent into the room to show everybody who has joined the conversation.