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Login in with Single Sign On

Logging in with your EduGate Single Sign On (SAML)

If you do not have a Single Sign-On account, please click here for login instructions.

Initially, you will receive an email inviting you to signup, it will look like this:

It is important to sign in once initially to activate your account, click the "Click here to activate account button" to do so.

Once you do that you will be brought to the EduGate Single Sign-On screen, which looks something like this, however, it will vary by college:

Once you put your details in here, you will be redirected to the college Exam Manage System where you will be automatically logged in.

You will be asked to set a password when you are logged in, this is for security purposes and allows us to encrypt your exam papers securely so nobody else can view them without authorisation.

You will be periodically asked for this password, if you forget it we will need to re-authorise your account so make sure you keep it safe.

Enter your chosen password twice and click login, your password will be downloaded to your computer automatically, keep this safe in case you need it.