Help & Documentation

Accessing the API

If you'd like to integrate BetterExaminations Online with a third-party solution you can create queries with the GraphQL playground.

GraphQL is a powerful query language for APIs and provides an easier and more understandable way to request and make use of data.


BetterExaminations Online comes complete with API documentation and a GraphQL playground so you can query data with an intuitive interface.


To access the playground just append /___graphql to the BetterExaminations Online URL:

From here you can select the data you'd like to return from the left column and the query will be updated in the centre column. Hit the play button to run the query and results will be displayed in the column on. the right:

For documentation just select the Docs link on the far left and search the Schema:


Queries are saved. To retrieve a query select the History button to see a list of your previous queries: