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Status Types

A list of status types

Many of the components in the system have multiple statuses.



  • In progress - this course is currently running

  • Inactive - this course is not running currently. It may have run in the past or could be running at some point in the future.


  • Draft - exam creation is in progress and is not yet ready for approval

  • Awaiting Approval - exam has been sent for approval and is awaiting the thumbs up from the approver

  • Approved - exam has been approved by the exam approver and can be sat by students


Exam Sitting

  • Scheduled - exam sitting has been scheduled successfully and the exam is starting at some point in the future

  • In progress - the exam sitting is currently in progress. When the exam sitting is in this status students may be currently taking the exam

  • Awaiting review - the exam sitting is completed but marking is not complete (grades have not yet been released to students).

  • Completed - the exam sitting is completed and grades have been released to students


Exam Submission

  • Exam not open - If you generate a CSV report for an exam sitting before an exam has started, exam submissions will have this status

  • Not started - the student has not yet started the exam

  • Not taken - the exam is over and the student did not start the exam

  • In progress - the student is currently taking the exam

  • Abandoned - the student has left the exam without formally submitting.
    If the exam is still in progress this status means the student was last seen more than 5 minutes ago and the student can rejoin the exam if allowed.
    If the exam sitting is finished you can grade all the work that was saved for an abandoned student before they left the exam.

  • Awaiting feedback - the student has successfully submitted their exam but it has not yet been marked

  • Marking complete - the student’s submission has been marked

Student view - Reviewing past exams

  • Not taken - the student never took the exam

  • Awaiting feedback - the student’s submission is still being marked and/or the grades have not yet been released.

  • Feedback received - the student’s submission has been marked and the grade released. The student can see their mark and their feedback.