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Managing User Roles

Assigning and managing User Roles

About User Roles

User Roles are a set of permissions assigned to users that allow them to carry out tasks. If the permissions for a User Role are updated, the permissions for all Users assigned that Role will change.

User Roles can only be managed by Users who have "Manage organisation settings" enabled.

To manage User Roles go to Settings and select User Roles from the Jump to section... dropdown:

Administrator Settings

The User Roles section lists the existing Roles and tells you the number of Users who have the Role assigned to them.


The User Roles section of the Settings screen

Create a new User Role

To create a new User Role select +Create user role to display the Edit role window where you can name your User Role:

The Edit Role screen

Manage an existing User Role

To manage an existing role select the User Role name or the Manage role button to show the Edit role window:

Edit role options

Role permissions

Role permissions are broken up into four categories and each category has a set of permissions that can be enabled depending on your role requirements:


Permission name

Users with this permission enabled

Dependencies (other permissions that must be enabled)


Manage organisation settings

Can modify and manage all settings in an organisation.

  • Can view all users
  • Can view all students



Can view all users

Can visit the user listing page and view all users in the organisation


Can view all students

Can visit the student listing page and view all users in the organisation



Manually manage courses

Can access all courses in the organisation without being explicitly assigned to them

  • Can view all users
  • Can view all students

Modify course settings

Can modify course specific settings, e.g., Workflow


Manage question and rubric banks

Can add questions to the Question Bank



View exams

Can view existing exams


Create new exams

Can create new exams and edit existing exams

  • Manage question and rubric banks

Schedule exam sittings

Can schedule approved Exam Sittings


Approve/Reject exams

Can approve/reject Exams


Modify scheduled exams

Can continue to modify exams after Sittings have been scheduled


Mark exams

Can mark exams and provide feedback to students

  • View exam results

View exam results

Can view exam results and export them as a CSV


Review exam integrity

Can review proctoring integrity results from proctoring providers


Release exam results to Students

Can release results to students


Modify exam settings

Can modify exam specific settings, e.g., Workflow


Assign users

Select the "Assigned users" tab to associate a user with a role. Users can only be assigned one Role. Users with an existing Role display their Role name and cannot be selected.