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Exam Tools for Students

With Exam Tools you can make notes, add multi-color highlights to text, add sticky notes and draw right on the page.


Exam Tools are handy aids to help you make notes, drawings, or highlight parts of an exam question.

Which Exam Tool you see depends on how the exam has been configured. You might see all, some, or none of the Exam Tools described below when sitting your exam 

Note: Exam Tools are currently student aids so how you use them or what you put into them are not viewable by an examiner.


Exam Tool Types


The Notepad tool is a plain text area to help you capture their thoughts and rough work throughout the Exam. The Notepad is visible between questions throughout the exam (unlike Sticky Notes which are associated with specific questions).


Using the notepad tool

Text highlighter

You can use the text highlighter to highlight parts of a question. To use it just click and select some text and use the overlay to choose a highlight color.

Choose from multiple color palettes or create your own, there’s even an accessibility option. It’s a useful tool that makes it easy for students to refer back to passages of text while composing answers.

Using highlight tool

To remove a highlight just select the highlighted text and click Remove.


Drawing tool

You can create freehand drawings right on the page with the Drawing Tool This feature can be used to draw attention to certain areas, visually mark a boundary, or mark up content.

Using drawing tool


Sticky notes

You can add one or more sticky notes to each question in the Exam.

Unlike the Notepad which is visible across all exam questions, a sticky note is displayed only on the question it has been added to.

Using sticky notes tool


The examiner can configure an exam to include a basic or scientific calculator.


Basic Calculator

Built for easy navigation across all mobile devices, the basic calculator provides the functions for simple arithmetic – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Scientific calculator

The scientific calculator lets you easily enter more complex math expressions with a full range of symbol groups such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and geometry available.


Using the Scientific Calculator Exam Tool