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Taking and Submitting an Exam

Exams that you've yet to take are listed under "Upcoming Exams"

There are three ways to navigate to "Upcoming Exams":


1. "Upcoming Exams" navigation item

You can see a list of all "Upcoming Exams" by selecting the option in the left-hand navigation:


2. Dashboard Buttons

Choose from "Exams available to take now" and "New exams starting over the next 10 days" to filter the navigate to and filter the list of Upcoming Exams:


Navigating to the Upcoming Exams via the dashboard buttons


3. Upcoming Exams panel

Select the Exam you want to view the details of or take:


Select the Exam

Whichever route you choose to view the "Upcoming Exams" you can view the Exam's details by selecting the Exam name.


Exams with a start date and time will open ten minutes before the specified start time (other Exams can have a range of time over which they can be started).


The lobby

When an Exam is open you can enter the lobby until the Exam begins. If the Exam has already begun and late joining is permitted, you can also enter the lobby:

Enter the lobby to wait for the Exam to start. If the Exam permits late joining you can enter the exam. If the Exam doesn't allow late joining you will be unable to enter.


Rejoining an Exam

If rejoining an Exam is permitted and you have left an exam without submitting you can select the Exam name to enter it which will bypass the lobby and take you directly to the Exam.


Begin the Exam

When you are ready to start you can begin the exam from the lobby:

An exam that hasn't started cannot be entered:

When you start the Exam you'll see a screen that looks like this (some of the options below have been labeled):


When you have answered all or some questions you can review your answers.


When you are satisfied with your answers select "Finish" to submit the exam.


You will be alerted if there are unanswered questions:

When you have successfully submitted your Exam you'll see the following alert:

View Exams awaiting feedback

To view the status of submitted Exams go to the Dashboard and select "Exams submitted awaiting feedback":

The Exam will now be listed in "Previous Exams" with a status of "Awaiting Feedback":