Help & Documentation

Setting your password

Before you log in to BetterExaminations Online for the first time you must need set a password.

Before you can take your first exam in BetterExaminations Online you must create an account. You can only do this when you receive an email with a link to set your password:

You can click on the Set A Password button but f the button doesn't work (some email clients might disable it) just click on the long link below it. 

When you click on the button or link you will go to the "Compete Signup" page where you can set a password.

Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters long and must include at least one special character (e.g., !@£, etc. ).

Note: It's important that you make a note of your password. We recommend making a note of it before you input it.

Add your password and select Complete Sign Up.


You're nearly that your password has been set you can log in. Your email will already be filled in so all you need to do is add the password you made a note of earlier:

Select Sign In and that's it! You're in.


If you forget your password just have a look at the Recover Password article.