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Getting Feedback

When an Exam has been submitted can view grades and feedback as soon as they are released.

All submitted exams are listed in the Previous Exams panel in the Student Dashboard or in the dedicated Previous Exams screen:

Submitted Exams have three statuses:

Not taken

The Exam took place but the student did not sit it.

Awaiting feedback

The student sat and submitted the Exam and grades and feedback have not yet been released.

Feedback received

Grades and feedback have been released and are now available for this Exam.

Awaiting feedback

When you have submitted an exam it is listed in the Previous Exams panel in the Student Dashboard. The exam will have a status of "Awaiting feedback":


Student Dashboard in BetterExaminations Online

The number of exams awaiting feedback is shown in the blue dashboard item:


To see a list of all exams awaiting feedback just select the item:

Previous Exam with a status of

Receiving feedback

When an exam has been marked its status changes to "Feedback received". The number of exams with feedback is shown in the green dashboard item:

The exam name is now a clickable link:

To view your feedback and grades select the Exam name.