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BetterExaminations Glossary

Definitions of some of the terms used in BetterExaminations Online

Term Definition


A Course is a collection of:

  • Exams
  • assigned Users and Students
  • Question Bank
  • Rubric Bank


An Exam is a collection of questions, exam options, and exam sittings

Exam options

Exam options are rules that apply to an Exam, e.g., randomise questions, show question level feedback to students

Exam sitting

A single Exam can have multiple exam sittings. Each Exam Sitting can have its own

  • assigned students
  • scheduling details
  • proctoring rules
  • active Exam Tools

Exam submission

An Exam submission is the collection of question responses that are submitted by a Student for marking.

Account type

There are two account types:

  • User: a user that can create, deliver or mark an Exam subject to their assigned Role
  • Student: a user who undertakes and submits an Exam for marking

Question Bank

A collection of questions in a course that can be reused in across Exams in a Course.

Question Type

You can choose from over 50 different Question Types in BetterExaminations Online.

Rubric Bank

There are three Rubric Types which can be attached to questions. These are displayed to markers when grading an exam.

The Rubric Bank is the location where rubrics are stored which allows them to be re-used across multiple Exams within a Course.


The collection of permissions that can be assigned to a User