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Sitting a Proctored exam with Proctorio

This article will guide you through installing the browser extension and running the pre-checks necessary to use the proctoring tool.

System Requirements

Before undertaking a proctored exam with BetterExaminations have a look at the system requirements. All of these requirements must be met to sit the exam:

Desktop, laptop, or Chromebook
  • Intel Pentium. ARM Processor
  • 250MB of free disk space
  • 2GB of free RAM
Google Chrome Web Browser
Internet Connection
  • a stable and reliable connection with a minimum upload speed of 0.24Mbps (you can test your speed here)
  • your webcam can be built-in or external
  • a minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels (you can test your webcam here)
  • your microphone can be built-in or external
Access to a phone
  • if you have any issues during the exam, you may want to contact your exams office

There are four stages to the pre-exam set-up covered in the steps below:

Step by step

Installing the Chrome extension

1. Before you begin the exam you will be asked to enter the Lobby.
Select Enter Lobby:
The View Exam screen

2. You will then be prompted to install the Proctorio Chrome Extension:

Install Proctoring Extension

3. A new tab will open in your browser that will send you to the Chrome Web Store.
Select Add to Chrome to begin installing the extension:

Installing Proctoring Extension from Chrome Web Store

4. From the prompt box select Add extension:Add Proctoring Extension

5. When the extension has successfully installed you’ll see a confirmation message in the top right of the screen:

Successful installation of proctoring extension

Running the exam pre-checks

6. Return to the original tab where you will see instructions on what will happen during the exam pre-checks.
Select Start exam pre-checks to proceed:

Proctoring pre-check screen

7. The System Diagnostic Test will begin:

The Proctoring System Diagnostics Screen

8. When the share screen prompt appears, select the screen that you want to share. When you select the screen you'll see a blue border around it. Select Share:

Proctoring install select screen

9. As all checks pass the icons will turn green.
This may remain on screen for a few moments after the test has completed so please be patient and don’t close the window.

Proctoring diagnostic success screen

Running the camera test

10. Now the camera test will begin. This checks that the webcam can see you by taking five sample pictures.

The proctoring camera test screen


Select Next to proceed:

11. Select Begin camera test:

Begin Proctoring Camera Test screen


12. A countdown will appear which will give you time to centre yourself in the camera frame.

Look directly into the camera and smile:

Begin Proctoring Camera Test Countdown


13. The sample pictures will be displayed:

The proctoring camera test sample pictures

Accepting the exam agreement

14. Select I accept, begin exam now to start the exam:

Accept proctoring exam agreement screen

Good luck!