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Blind marking

When Blind marking is enabled, student names will not be shown to the examiner


When Blind marking is enabled, students are anonymized when the Exam is marked. Student names will not be shown in the Submissions tab of an Exam Sitting, in the CSV downloads or in the Response Analytics report. Instead, students will be given a number. e.g. Student 1, Student 2, Student 3 etc.

Note: the student numbers assigned for Blind marking persist i.e., the submission for "Student 6" will remain the same even after a page refresh.

Enable Blind marking

To enable Blind marking for an Exam, go to the Edit Exam screen by selecting the Exam name from the list of Exams in a Course:

Select the Exam options tab. By default, the Blind marking option is off. You can enable the setting by toggling the switch:

Blind Marking enabled

When "Blind marking" is enabled, it is applied to all students in all previous, current and future sittings of the Exam.

The marking view

When marking an Exam the student's name will not be displayed:

Blind Marking exam review screen

Similarly, the Response analytics will not show the student name: 

Blind marking response analytics screen

The student names will also be hidden in the Exam sitting "Submissions" tab:

The Exam Submissions screen with Blind marking enabled

Student names will be shown to users who have "Manage organisation settings" enabled:  The Blind marking Exam Submissions screen with Manage Organisation settings enabled


The student view

When taking an Exam, students are not informed when Blind marking is enabled.