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Loss of connectivity

How BetterExaminations handles internet connectivity issues

We understand that at times, internet connections may not be stable. We can provide great network resilience on our side, but we've also planned for an interruption in network connectivity for students, e.g., during the online timed exam.

With BetterExaminations, exams are saved automatically throughout so the student can pick up from where they left off if there's a temporary loss of internet connectivity.

Also, the student only needs internet access at the start and end of the exam; however, we realise that sometimes a student can lose internet access entirely. This has been addressed in a disaster plan:

Internet connectivity is required to start the exam. Once the exam is in progress a student can lose internet connectivity and can still continue with their assessment, answering questions and moving between questions without issue. They will see a message after 30 seconds informing them that the auto-save functionality failed to save their exam progress due to a lack of internet connectivity.

If the student attempts to submit the exam but they have no internet connectivity the submission won't be successful and they'll be informed they don't have internet connectivity and be asked to try again. After 3 failed attempts to submit the student will be offered the ability to download an encoded/encrypted packet containing their exam submission details. This can be sent via email to your support or admin/exam office team for manual upload into the system when the student has connectivity again. The encryption of the package means that they can’t subsequently change their answers.

The only exception to this behaviour is if you have Proctoring enabled. Students must remain online for Proctored exams as that's the only way to ensure exam integrity. If the student loses internet connectivity during a proctored exam they will have 2 minutes to regain their internet connectivity before they will be removed from the exam.

You can also add a second sitting for an exam, should you wish to do so, or add extra time.