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Exam Sitting Settings

You can view and edit Exam Sittings settings in the Exam Sittings dashboard.

When an Exam Sitting has been created you can review the settings and, if the User Role has the setting "Modify scheduled exam" enabled, you can change a scheduled Exam's settings.


To rename the exam sitting select the option from the Actions dropdown menu on the right on the Sitting description:

To see the Exam Sittings settings select the Sitting name:


Exam Sittings can be in one of the following Statuses.

  • Scheduled - exam sitting has been scheduled successfully and the exam is starting at some point in the future

  • In progress - the exam sitting is currently in progress. When the exam sitting is in this status students may be currently taking the exam

  • Awaiting review - the exam sitting is completed but marking is not complete (grades have not yet been released to students).

  • Completed - the exam sitting is completed and grades have been released to students

The Exam below is currently scheduled. In the green panel on the left, you can see the number of students assigned to it. The orange panel on the right shows the amount of time before the exam starts (as of when the page was loaded; this doesn't update until the page is refreshed):


When an Exam has been submitted the Exam Sitting Overview tab gives shows the exam marking and submission status:


Scheduled Exams can have the following settings modified by a User with a Role that permits changing scheduled Exams:


All tabs apart from "Submissions" have an Edit toggle available to users with a User Role that has "Modify scheduled exam" enabled:


Note: This is only visible when an Exam has a status of "Awaiting review".

The Submissions tab shows a list of submissions, scores and an option to review Exam Integrity if Proctoring was enabled for the Exam.


Scheduling details

The Exam Sitting start and End times 3

Assigned Students

You can add and remove students to and from an Exam in the "Assigned students" tab. Just select or deselect the student name and hit Save student assignment changes:


Proctoring settings

View and edit the proctoring settings for this Exam sitting

Exam Tools

View and edit the Exam Tools enabled for this Exam sitting