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Exam Question Settings

With Exam question settings you can change a question's layout and update the question title, status and scoring type

You can view, preview and edit questions from Exam Editor in the Question Bank or in the Exam screen.


From each question block you can see the question title, question text, question status and type:


Select the button with the eye icon to preview the appearance of a question:

To edit a question's settings select the question in the Question Bank or in the Exam itself:

Editing an Exam question

You can change the settings on an Exam question by selecting the Settings button in the question editing screen:

When the Settings button is selected an overlay window appears.



The "Layout" menu item provides you with options to change the question layout for the students taking the exam:

The layout settings modal screen

The default layout is "Single Column" which displays the question the full width of the exam window.


By selecting one of the other layout presets the examiner can display another question or Exam Feature like a protractor or calculator beside it. The presets determine the proportion (in percent) of the screen width that the elements are allocated.


In the following example, a question will appear on the left while a Text Passage has been selected from the Exam Features to appear on the right:

Exam question and feature side by side

With the toolbar on the left of each column, you can move, edit and delete the column contents:

Don't forget to save when you are happy with the changes:

You can then preview the question layout from the Exam Editor screen:


Note: You can also preview the entire exam using the exam preview button:

Because the preview space is constrained by the menus on the left of the preview area, elements may appear stacked when previewing on smaller screens even when a side by side layout has been selected. During a live exam, the selected layout proportions will be used.



Exam details tab

With the "Details" menu item the examiner can quickly edit information about the Exam question:

  • Title – update the question title
  • Status – change the question status; the options are Published (the default), Unpublished (will not be added to an exam) and Archived (will not appear in the Question Bank)
  • Scoring type – the scoring types are Per Question (scores are calculated by adding the score from each question), Dichotomous (only two possible outcomes: fully correct or fully incorrect for all question items), Dependent (scores from each question depend on the scores of previous questions in the question item)