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Scoring types

BetterExaminations Online supports three different types of question scoring

The Scoring Type can be changed in the Details tab in Exam Question Settings.

BetterExaminations Online supports three different types of Question scoring:

  • Per Question
  • Dichotomous
  • Dependent (EBSR: Evidence-Based Selected Response)

The scoring type you select determines how the Question will be scored in a student's session. "Per Question" is the default but the scoring type can be changed in the Question settings. 

Per Question

The score for the Question is calculated by adding the score from each Question Type on the Question.


For the purposes of the following demos, a fully correct Question scores 10, a partially correct Question scores 5, and an incorrect Question scores 0.

Per Question Item scoring. \


Dichotomously scored Questions have only two possible outcomes: fully correct or fully incorrect. If the user's score for every Question Type on the Question is fully correct, the score for the overall Question is calculated by adding the max scores from each Question Type. If any Question Type on the Question is not fully correct, the score is zero.

Dichotomous Item scoring.

Dependent (EBSR)

In dependent scoring, the score taken from each Question Type depends on the scores of previous Question Typess on the Question. The rule is that if a Question Type on the Question is not fully correct, the user is not awarded a score for any subsequent Question Types on the Question.
Such scoring can be applied when there are two or more Question Types dependent on each other. For instance, the first Question Type has to be answered correctly because the following one is based on how the student got to the right solution.


This scoring type can be used to emulate an Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR) Item type.

Dependent (EBSR) Item scoring.